NOV. 10-13 • -12PM UTC

Follow the white rabbit

#DCLMVMF22 is a four-day celebration of music, innovation, culture and creativity, held online in the virtual social world of Decentraland. The festival is open for any and all to attend, no ticket or VR headset required.

Prepare yourself for a musical experience unlike any you’ve attended before:

  • Explore the futuristic, cyberpunk festival grounds and become familiar with 15 different stages of the like you’d never see IRL
  • Check the schedule of 150+ global artists from across genres featuring names such as Ozzy Ozbourne, Soulja Boy, Dillon Fancis, and main headliner Björk who’s closing act you will NOT want to miss
  • Dive into numerous Decentraland experiences as you peek into portaloos, take on the quest for a backstage pass, chase a white rabbit, and feel connected at the Tower of Babel
  • And much more!

So get yourself some kaleidoscopic Wearables and killer dance Emotes in the Marketplace Festival Tab and jump into Decentraland on November 10.


Watch the teaser

  • What is Decentraland?

    Launched in 2020, Decentraland is a virtual social world, the first decentralized metaverse, and the only one that is open source. Within the Decentraland platform, which can run on a browser or desktop client, users can create, experience, and monetize content and applications as well as socialize and attend a wide range of daily, community-driven events. Decentraland is unique in that it is owned, created, and governed by the people who use it every day. Through Decentraland’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) users can submit proposals and even apply for grants for the community to vote on.

  • How do I enter Decentraland?

    Eager to jump into Decentraland but you’re not familiar with the platform? Don’t worry! Here are the basics for entering and navigating the virtual world so you can start exploring in no time. Go to or enter directly in your area of interest via the festival event page

  • Where can I find the full festival schedule?

    The full schedule will be posted to this website and on our social media channels very soon!

  • Do I need a crypto wallet to attend the festival?

    You don’t need a crypto wallet to attend the festival, or to enter Decentraland for that matter. You can enter as a guest without creating an account. However, if you would like to collect free Wearables as well as further customize your avatar’s look and moves with community-made Wearables and Emotes from the Marketplace (and in general save your avatar for return visits to Decentraland) you should sign up for a crypto wallet. Getting a crypto wallet is a simple process and you don’t need to enter any payment details if you just want to save your avatar and claim freebies. Learn more about getting a crypto wallet here.

  • How do I get my avatar festival ready with special Wearables and Emotes?

    In addition to the free basic Wearables and Emotes that everyone can access upon entering Decentraland, you can also get Wearables and Emotes that have been created by the community from the Decentraland Marketplace.
    In preparation for the Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival, the Decentraland community created a wide variety of both Wearables and Emotes for the special occasion. You can find them all in a special Metaverse Music Festival tab of the Marketplace.
    To purchase Wearables or Emotes, you’ll need a crypto wallet and MANA, the currency of Decentraland. Learn more about that here.

  • How do I keep up to date with festival news, lineup announcements, etc?

    That’s easy. Just follow @Decentraland on Twitter and keep an eye on the #DCLMVMF22 hashtag